Thursday, April 16, 2009

Gov. Rick Perry

I think it's great that Gov. Rick Perry is reaffirming Texas' right to withdrawal from the Union. In fact, I think there are very few things that would be better for freedom & liberty, for all American's, than if one or more states decided to up and leave the Union; however, let's be clear about Perry.

He's a politician. He's facing a tough primary against Kay Baily Hutchinson and this move puts him in the good graces of a lot of people who'll be voting in that primary. He made a tactical move and while I think it was a great move on his part, that may be all it is. Politicians are big talkers, but they rarely come through. Why? They know all they have to do is talk the good talk, not walk it, and you'll vote for them. You've proved it over and over again.

One thing to remember about this particular politician. He loves the power of the executive. He's the same Governor that used an executive order to override the Texas Legislature in order to force a vaccine on little girls who don't need....